Introducing our Pharmacy Team

The pharmacy team’s role in the practice is to deal with all pharmaceutical and prescription queries. We provide education and advice to prescribers and the public alike, regarding clinical and practical issues affecting prescribing.  The team also updates patient’s records with medication changes as recommended by other healthcare providers, such Maidstone hospital.

Our Team lead is Antonio Monachello who is a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber.  He is trained in managing a range of conditions as well as providing health and well-being advice. He can also assess patients’ medical histories, test results etc to optimise patients prescribed medicines and patient’s safety.

In addition, Stephanie Collins, is our Pharmacy Technician, and available for patient consultations and medication reviews, to optimise medication regimens. These consultations are for patients with long-term hypertension and cholesterol conditions, or those living in residential or nursing care, with polypharmacy issues. Stephanie can also interpret certain routine tests results, to optimise medication regimes.

Finally, but not least we have our prescription clerks, Hazel Piper and Cara Gent whom process all prescriptions requests and queries that  patients, pharmacys and healthcare professions may have.