Our repeat e-mail ordering facility has been replaced by an on-line repeat prescription process.

  • If the Doctor suggests that you have a repeat prescription, you will be given a computer printed request form and the GP will explain how it is used.
  • Please allow two working days for us to process your prescriptions safely. You will also need to allow time for the chemist to prepare your request and obtain your medicine and we suggest at least week in total.
  • To ensure high patient safety standards at all times, unfortunately we are unable to take repeat requests over the telephone.
RequestedReady at Surgery
Monday before 2pmWednesday after 2pm
Monday between 2&5pmWednesday after 5pm
Tuesday before 2pmThursday after 2pm
Tuesday between 2&5pmThursday after 5pm
Wednesday before 2pmFriday after 2pm
Wednesday between 2&5pmFriday after 5pm
Thursday before 2pmMonday after 2pm
Thursday between 2&5pmMonday after 5pm
Friday before 2pmTuesday after 2pm
Friday between 2&5pmTuesday after 5pm
Saturday & Sunday OnlineWednesday after 2pm
Saturday & Sunday in the prescriptions boxWednesday after 2pm
  • Your repeats prescriptions will be authorised for a set number, you will then need to book a medication review with our Clinical Pharmacist.
  • It is our policy to review patients on an annual basis to monitor the effects of medication and to ensure that you are prescribed the most suitable and effective drug for your condition. If you do not attend an annual review, your repeat medication will be removed from the repeat process.
  • If you are asked to come for blood tests before the review, please have these done at least a week before you see the pharmacist.
  • If you order by paper repeat slip, please only tick the items that you require.
  • It is important that you only order the medications that you require and only ‘cash’ prescriptions with the chemist that you intend to take.
  • If you are unsure how to use a medication or are worried about side effects, please discuss this with our pharmacists, who will be happy to help you.

Additional Information